The bigger picture.

When planning your new pool you have to picture the completed job , including landscape associated works, well before you break earth doing the pool dig.

Monday we start the plumbing on a new job working from the pool equipment area,  back to the pool. This is the reverse to how things are usually done but the house is nearing completion and the pool is not scheduled to be installed for approximately 18 months.

To ensure exposed aggregate concrete works can all be completed before the clients move in, we will be roughing in the pipe work at the pool plant area so this area can be concreted now. The pipes wil be left pentetrating the new slab ready for connection in 18 months time. the pool equipment will simply be sat in place and connected when the time is right

Its the 5 P’s at work…Prior,Planning to Prevent Pour Performance. It also demonstrates the importance of being flexible with construction schedules and orders to work around specific needs of the client.


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