Infinity Edge Pool

  • infinity edge pool and spa. Fully tiled with in-floor cleaning.
    Infinity edge pool and spa. Fully tiled with in-floor cleaning.
  • an above ground pool with an infinity edge. Glass common wall and in-floor cleaning.
    An above ground infinity edge pool & spa, featuring in-floor cleaning.

The Infinity edge (also known as a negative edge) is by far our favorite pool and spa feature. The addition of this feature has an unrivaled impact on the look and feel of a custom designed pool or spa, and is low maintenance, easy to keep clean, and safe for the kids to swim around.

At Minke Avant-Garde we specialise in building beautiful concrete pools and have used this design feature across Melbourne – with spectacular results.

Minke Avant-Garde is one of Melbourne’s leading bespoke concrete pool and spa builders. We are master pool builders, with over 30 years of experience in the Industry.

Over the years we have built or renovated some of Melbournes’ biggest pools-and some of Melbournes’ smallest.  Regardless of the scope, we pride ourselves on delivering on-time, within-budget, to-spec, and hassle-free.

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