Your new concrete pool can incorporate many features which can personalise your pool to suit your functionality needs and desired aesthetic.

Water features come in many styles and designs and they are a great way to add a sense of fun and feeling to your pool environment. We can design a unique water feature to compliment you pool.

stainless steel water spouts

Deck or Laminer jets

Features return water back to pool via Aqueducts.

Lighting  is an important consideration in your pool. All our pools have L.E.D spa electric lights as a standard inclusion. There is a variety of lights which can be added to your pool to create a night time aesthetic unique to your pool.

Feature pool lighting

Glass and Acrylic viewing panels are features which provide a view into the pool and create a WOW factor like no other. They add a sense of fun and can be designed and engineered to perform a number of structural and aesthetic functions. 

Acrylic pool panels

glass pool panels

Pool Covers are a good way to extend the swimming season, reduce heat loss and evaporation, and reduce the amount of debris that collects in your pool. They come in a variety of designs and materials and can be concealed to minimise the visual impact on the pool environment. At Minke pools we are experienced in installing Remco automated roller covers and these are our preferred cover option.

remco roller cover

Pool edge details are a feature that can create a fantastic wow feature whilst also improving the swimming environment. Negative or infinity edge pools had been very popular lately and “Wet Deck” or perimeter overflow pools are a pool that we specialise in. The pool water level finishes flush with the paving creating a stunning look and the pool has no return splash when swimming.

wet deck swimming pool

Perimeter overflow pool

infinity edge spa