Quote Advice

When it comes to quotes, as a consumer you have to be careful to ensure that your pool quote is “real’ and not just the tip of an expensive iceberg.

What makes our quotes “real” at Minke Avant-Garde?

All of our quotes are free- meaning it includes the cost of sketch-ups and a pre-quote inspection if required.
Free on site pre quote inspections are conducted by our Project Manager and Master Builder.
No hidden fees.

Our quotes are all inclusive and transparent!

We don’t underquote to win a job – and then find a way to add costs during the build process.
We don’t underquote by underspecifying equipment or material requirements.
We include initial design drawings in our free quote document.
All quotes are done in-house by both our Project Manager and our Master Builder to enable all potential variables to be taken into consideration.

What about pool equipment, and building permits?

Our quotes cover all of the building permits and inspections, home warranty insurance, excavation and site preparation, formwork, steel works, primary plumbing and supplies, plant area and equipment, pool build and finish and additional options such as solar, infloor cleaning, and covers.

We don’t quote to achieve the cheapest price by leaving out components, fees, third party charges or permits needed to build your pool – we quote to achieve the most accurate price by including everything needed to build your pool – and detail them all accordingly.

How long does the quoting process take?

Generally,  we have a quote completed within 14 days. This is because we have to allow for research.
When we have the information we will meet with you after to thoroughly go through the quote with you and answer any questions.
We provide free advice on pool surrounds.
Additional free quote on pool fence specifications and requirements to meet government legislation and codes.

We work with you as a team to build your dream pool. Communication is vital during the whole process so we can guide you through the process and accommodate variations you request during the building process.


If you are interested in a quote or have any questions, feel free to get in contact below.